A sort-of review and age-old questions: Poets, Artists, Lovers

How do we define love? What does it mean to love? Is there a right or wrong way?

With Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel, Mira Tudor takes usĀ on a journey through a tangled web of romance-ridden lives that starts and ends with Henriette, a talented sculptress and “beautiful redhead”, who finds herself drawn to Pamfil, a pianist/Casanova known for his monthly parties. This all despite her relationship with Haralambie, a writer. Continue reading “A sort-of review and age-old questions: Poets, Artists, Lovers”


If you loved that, you’ll hate this

Do any other bookworms sometimes feel a bit misled by publishers?

Often they make sweeping claims like “If you loved blah blah, you will love this” and then you see this claim rehashed in a thousand reviews on the internet and it’s just not understandable. They want to sell the books of course, and market them under the same umbrella as the genres and authors they know sell well. But is it really necessary? Continue reading “If you loved that, you’ll hate this”

She int a queen

Psychologists will you that childhood trauma stays with us. And the bookworm will tell you this too. No matter how far you travel in life, traumatic events are always with you whether you are consciously aware of it or not. But when you are strong, and sometimes even when you are not particularly strong, you grow despite this and although the trauma remains a painful part of you, you evolve. Continue reading “She int a queen”